Plant It Forward

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PIFF Urban Farming Business Course


Question: Who may apply?

      Answer: Refugees and asylees who intend to farm inside Houston city limits.

Q: Do I need to speak English fluently?

      A: No; however, participants are expected to learn key English phrases to aid with selling their produce to English-speakers.

Q: Is the course taught only in English?

      A: The course will be taught in English, with interpretation provided for those participants who require it. The interpreted languages will be determined based on the nationalities of applicants.

Q: Do participants need to have driver’s licenses and transportation?

      A: No. During the training phase, participants must be able to get themselves to the training sites. Once an Apprentice / Master Farmer, farmers with licenses and cars will have more flexibility for selling their produce. Farmers without transportation may arrange for PIFF to sell their produce on their behalf.

Q: How do PIFF farmers earn income?

      A: Farmers may choose to participate in any/all PIFF income-generating programs: (1) weekly farm share subscription, (2) farmers’ markets, (3) farm stands, (4) wholesale / chef sales.

Q: Is it possible to earn a quality living in Houston as an urban farmer?

      A: Yes! It is hard work, but our farmers are earning more than the living wage calculated for one person in Harris County.

Q: What size are the PIFF urban farms?

      A: Our farms average two-thirds (2/3) acres / one-fourth (1/4) hectares.

Q: What is the time-frame between beginning the training and the farmer’s first paycheck?

      A: Successful trainees will be employed full-time with PIFF as they prepare their new farms for production. This will happen no earlier than eight months into the Urban Farming Business Course, and only after the trainee has proven to be skilled at urban farming in Houston.

Q: What assistance does PIFF provide to connect farmers to customers?

      A: PIFF markets the farmers’ produce on their behalf and facilitates weekly farm share subscriptions and sales to restaurants.