Plant It Forward



Thank you for your interest in Plant It Forward Farms.  We love introducing people to our farmers and giving everyone a chance to become aware of our mission to empower refugee farmers to provide fresh, local produce to Houstonians.  Whether you want to learn more about our farms or farmers or just want to get your hands dirty, we have opportunities to get involved with our growing organization.


Before you work at one of our farms, you will be asked to attend one of our Orientation sessions.  This 10 – 15 minute session will introduce you to our farm structure, our farm safety rules and the different ways you can help our farmers with their daily activities.  If you are helping with non-Farm work, then the orientation is not necessary.

Most Orientation sessions are coordinated with Group work days, and we’ll send out notices for upcoming dates.  If you can’t make one of these dates, contact the volunteer coordinator for alternatives to the scheduled date.

Volunteer Jobs

We have different opportunities to work with our farmers and other ways you can help us with non-Farm opportunities.  See a brief description below of the opportunities:

Farming/Harvesting – This is an ongoing activity.  After an orientation session, you would be paired with a farmer to assist them with their daily farming activities.  This may include harvesting, weeding, composting, watering, or cleaning up the land depending on the specific needs of the day.  This is usually a morning activity and will be a physical activity.

Produce Processing – after a daily or weekly harvest, we take the produce to our warehouse for washing, sorting and market prep.  Assistance here is at our non-AC warehouse, and does not require as much mobility as on the farm.

Office Work – periodically we need help with administrative duties. This could include webpage maintenance, mailings, photography or other things.  This may not have as much contact with the farm or the farmers, but is a big help to our organization.

Market Work – we are currently at the Urban Harvest Eastside Farmers Market on Saturdays from 7am to noon, plus other Farm Share distribution points during the week.  As we expand, there will be other market opportunities.

Special Projects – this could be helping to build out a new farm, helping with a farm dinner, or other special projects that wouldn’t be possible without assistance from you and the community. We are always looking for people with special skills, like carpentry, plowing and hauling, so include that in your volunteer interest form.

Group and Community Organizations – we can schedule special work days for your group or Community organizations to work at the farm on a designated day. This is a great way to build community within your group. Our farms would not be able to succeed without the assistance from area churches, schools and business.